Jonathan Scott Franklin

Birth Date:

August 5, 1972

Incarcerated Since:

July 29, 2009

Release Date:


Convicted Of:

Attempted murder and solicitation to commit murder

Home Town:

Sacramento, CA




Messianic Jewish Christian




220 lbs

Wants To Write To:

Women only

Sexual Orientation:


Open to Gay/Bisexual Contact:


Will Write Overseas:



Romance, friendship

Hello. After countless clicking on profiles, stop here.

My philosophy of life is being Adventurous, Brave, and Courageous. From there, I've gained priceless experiences and hard-learned lessons.

I focus my days on important activities like reading, learning, listening to music, laughing, enjoying time with good friends, and making new friends. During my downtime, I work on prison advocacy.

Although currently locked up, I'm working to return to court, prove my innocence, and receive an exoneration.

In summer, I enjoy camping, fishing, and stargazing. I relax with sci-fi books, TV shows, and movies. For getaways, I spend nights out dancing, days at the beach, or weekends skiing. I'm a born and bred New England fan, Go PATS! I travel the world, build computers from scratch, but still require a recipe to cook.

I'd like someone who expands my knowledge about different people, cultures, lifestyles, and perspectives, wants to become friends, and see what develops. I'm open minded and have no expectations. However, I'm curious if Billy Crystal was correct that men and women can never truly become friends. LOL.

Finally, my wonderful children, Allison and David, are my love, life, and reason for living. Sheep, Tiger, Big Hugs, Big Kisses, Always!

When you respond, please include answers to the quiz below about your preference and why.

City or Country
Wake up early or Stay up late
Wine or Beer
Go out dancing or Watch the movie
Let's get started, write or e-mail me.

Jonathan Franklin #AD7473
High Desert State Prison
PO Box 3030
Susanville, CA 96127-3030

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Listed: 04/27/18

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