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About CONPALS Inmate Connections & Convictpenpals

What we do here
Publish profiles of prisoner profiles in jails and state and federal prisons in the United States who seek correspondence with those on the outside
Add new and updated pen pal profiles nearly daily
Provide physical mailing addresses on all pen pal profiles at no charge to you
Forward emails to members listed on our site at no charge to you
Provide personal email addresses (such as for prisoners

What you can do here
Search prisoner profiles for prison pen pals with Basic & Advanced Search Engine
Search for pen pals on our site by age, location, ethnicity, religion, release date, and more
Search for pen pals on our site using our website's blog
Email members on our site for free
Send unlimited emails to some members on our site for free
Write an inmate directly for free
Offer friendship, love and support to a prisoner
Make a new friend for yourself
Enjoy a totally unique experience through correspondence with an inmate
Provide legal assistance to an inmate
Reduce recidivism
Make a huge difference in someone's life
List a prisoner on our site
Purchase a personal email address (such as for an inmate
Search for prison and jail facilities in the United States
Search for any jail or prison inmate in the United States

Why does this website exist?
Because prisoners should not be forgotten. Prisoners have always asked for visitors. Before the Internet existed, prisoners advertised for pen pals in newspapers and magazines.

Visiting the imprisoned is a work of mercy taught by the Catholic Church and encouraged and practiced by countless faith-based and other Christian and humanitarian organizations. The Bible makes it clear that prisoners are not to be forgotten.

Even DOC officials encourage prisoners to have pro-social contacts with caring people in the free world through correspondence. They know that when prisoners socialize only with other prisoners they are more likely upon release to continue the same behavior patterns that led to their incarceration. When prisoners isolate themselves from other prisoners, they are less likely to reoffend. When prisoners maintain strong ties to family and friends, they are less likely to reoffend. The stronger the support system that is waiting for prisoners when they are released from prison, the better their chances for success.

If every law-abiding and caring adult would pick up a pen, write an inmate, and become an inmate pen pal the recidivism rate in this country would plummet, and our world would be a better place.

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