Juan Calderon #H75038

Birth Date:
January 8, 1972
Incarcerated Since:
Release Date:
Sooner than later
Convicted Of:
Home Town:
San Jose, CA
170 lbs
Wants To Write To:
Sexual Orientation:
Open to Gay/Bisexual Contact:
Will Write Overseas:
Romance, friendship, legal help, seeking legal assistance

To Whom It May Concern

Blessings! If you’re reading this ad. Refer it to civil rights activists, law firms of black people and law students worldwide… Just out of kindness.

This case is worth one hundred millions in general damages for general suffering under responsibility of someone’s irrational belief, who has used its power to deprive myself of all the civil rights under state / federal / international laws indeed.

Nevertheless, not one gets away with any illegal or criminal activity under the well governmental structure of the USA, and such people must be accountable in the sense of fair justice certainly.

I think and believe that I got a solid case to win one hunderd millions and injunctive relief to get out of prison with guarantees of life, health and safety.

For it, these people with such irrational belief, alike historic Hitler, who killed millions of people with such evil manipulation; in my case they have violated the cruel and unusual punishment clause, equal protection of the law clause and first amendment rights to court access by depriving me of all rights for incarceration, for 29 years; put me asleep and subjected me to brain surgeries to implant a chip / sensor on my head; used such chip for criminal purposes and experimental evil punishment; causing me health problems, pain and discomfortable suffering; denying me medical care; inflicting me general painful suffering as for experimental punishment; punishing me with 100+ disciplinary actions, loss of privileges and denial of parole suitability; subjecting me to misery; mental anguish; emotional distress; psychological harm; overlooking chronic intestinal dysfunction, head pain and physical disabilities due to surgeries on my head; violence; corporal punishment; hernias; baldness; and such a big number of adverse circumstances to prolong my incarceration indeed.

However, I need legal assistance on contingency basis. Upon release anytime soon under new laws I will join the Auto Defense Revolutionary Forces where a R-15 and real war will be part of my organization to change things for good at this civilized planet whatsoever.

Join our cause our civil rights matter too!

Sincerely inmate, Juan Calderon #H75038

Juan Calderon #H75038
Mule Creek State Prison
PO Box 409020
Ione, CA 95640

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Listed: 08/18/21


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