Blaine Coglianese #72325-018

Birth Date:
July 9, 1995
Incarcerated Since:
January 1, 2020
Release Date:
December 31, 2031
Convicted Of:
Enticement minor
Home Town:
Caucasian, Italian, Native
203 lbs
Wants To Write To:
Women only
Sexual Orientation:
Open to Gay/Bisexual Contact:
Will Write Overseas:

Hi my name is Blaine Coglianese (Call-A-Niece). I'm a romantic at heart, I'm looking to start a new friendship. A little about me. My mom says I give the most fantastic hugs. I was born and raised in Florida just like my mom and dad. I graduated high school but I never got the chance to go to college yet. I have deep green eyes and those long lashes that women seem to love at least according to every doctor and dentist I've ever met. I've got lots of good stories from living in Florida. I hope to hear your stories and learn about you. My sis says I'm a dork but I think I'm hilarious every time I make her laugh so hard she snorts. I really enjoy reading mostly fantasy for ideas and for the book I'm writing, but I'll read just about anything. I've even broken down and decided to ask my mom to order me the Fifty Shades of Gray trilogy. No spoilers please. I have committed a terrible mistake and I am trying to move forward and be a better man. If you have any questions about me, my life, my dreams for the future, or anything else please feel free to write me. I will be very happy to hear from you. By the way I can't get a picture taken because our whole compound has Covid-19 but to see what I look like I did a makeup vid with my sis,


Blaine Coglianese #72325-018
Oakdale II FCI
PO Box 5010
Oakdale, LA 71463

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Listed: 02/13/21
Exp.: 04/13/22


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