Devin Crawford #15603-028


Birth Date:
October 24, 1986
Release Date:
November 23, 2023
Home Town:
Greenfield, IN
N/A, open
250 lbs
Wants To Write To:
Sexual Orientation:
Open to Gay/Bisexual Contact:
Will Write Overseas:
Romance, friendship

Hi my name is Devin Crawford, I am 34, I don't have many friends since I was arrested and less family, never really had much family anyway but I figured I would try this and see if I have any luck. When it comes to talking to new people I would really like to just talk and see how all of that goes. I have been doing my time for my mistakes and shouldn't be judged by anyone else. I have two kids, I have been married twice and now I'm single. I would really like for this pen-pal stuff to work out so I have someone to talk, I am covered in tattoos and I love horror movies and anything scary and haunted houses and love Halloween and fall!! if you write me you must use white paper and white envelopes or the prison will reject them and they won’t even tell me that it was rejected, just an FYI. Also tell me what you like to do in your free time, what you like to do with friends and all that if you'd like. Well I will let you go and I hope to hear back from you but if not then I will understand and no hard feelings.

Devin Crawford #15603-028
Elkton FCI
PO Box 10
Lisbon, OH 44432

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Listed: 08/03/21


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