Billy Douglas #18753-001

Birth Date:
July 1, 1966
Incarcerated Since:
Convicted Of:
Interstate violence
Home Town:
Alabaster, AL
Souther Baptist
205 lbs
Wants To Write To:
Women only
Sexual Orientation:
Open to Gay/Bisexual Contact:
Will Write Overseas:
Romance, legal help

Hello! My name is Billy Douglas and I’m a federal inmate serving a life sentence for interstate domestic violence, but the jury’s verdict was only for 5 years.

The judge in my case enhanced my sentence to life by using preponderance of the evidence of acquitted conduct, which was not listed in my indictment, presented to the jury, and the jury never finding me guilty of these enhancements. My judge died of cancer shortly after my incarceration, so apparently he was aware of this while sentencing me and hating life.

There’s no way I would receive the same sentence under today’s sentencing laws, but the courts say the new laws are not retroactive for me. I went across state lines on the advice of my divorce attorney, to go get my three year old daughter out of a crack house and drug environment my wife had her living in, I even hired a private investigator to go with me to document the drug environment. I did commit an act of assault getting my daughter back, especially after I saw her condition, she had cigarette burns on her, crust build up behind her ears where she wasn’t properly cleaned, green mucus running out of her nose, smelled like urine, and had cat scratches all over her. I had her seeing a pediatrician as soon as I returned home, all this is well documented in my trial transcripts. There are four sentencing phases for my charge, they are #1) 5years for violating the charge. #2) 10 years if a weapon was used. #3) 20 years if there was a permanent disfigurement. #4) Life if there was a death. It was proven in trial there was no weapon, no permanent disfigurement, and no death for sure because my wife and the government’s star witness went to great lengths to come visit me in prison several times. My daughter has since died in a car wreck at 16 years old while under her mother’s care, and that was my only child. I had no prior felony convictions, never smoked crack in my life, and owned my own business while helping coach little league baseball. I’ve got no parents or immediate family left alive, so I’m on my own with no support or anybody to lobby for my released.

I do have a sentence commutation and a compassionate release petition pending, so I’m hoping and praying to get at least one of them granted and be released any day. I’ve completed just about every program the BOP has to offer and have instructed numerous programs myself, and I’ve got a non-existent disciplinary record. I’ve been a model inmate for 25 years, I’ve even got numerous letters from BOP officials supporting me. I’ve said all this because I want to be honest and upfront about my situation. I love the outdoors, very athletic and play all sports, work out every day, from Birmingham, Alabama. Am a designer, architect, builder, and developer of custom homes. Green, eyes, 205 lbs, single, great personality, love to travel, and very compassionate.

Billy Douglas #18753-001
FCI Petersburg
PO Box 1000
Petersburg, VA 23804

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Listed: 07/07/21


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