Birth Date:
March 10, 1969
Incarcerated Since:
January 2019
Home Town:
Grand Junction, CO
200 lbs
Wants To Write To:
Women only
Sexual Orientation:
Open to Gay/Bisexual Contact:
Will Write Overseas:
Romance, friendship

Introduction: My name is Mark, I’m 52 years old. – I have two boys 19 and 17. They are both amazing – my reason for life. I am outgoing and friendly. I never thought I would have ended up in prison. I have lots of hobbies: golf, pickleball, disc golf, guitar, hiking, motorcycles, ATVs, etc etc. I try to make the most of my days. I don’t like BS. and negativity. I like to be around positive and honest people. I lost everything after being arrested. Now I’m starting over. I only have a handful of friends and family left. I have learned who my real “family” is. Most of the people who have abandoned me weren’t “true” people anyway. Talk is very cheap. People say that “time heals all wounds” – I don’t agree. In my case, my “untrue“ friends and family use the phrase “out of sight – out of mind.” I love to write so I’m hoping to be able to write some people soon. I promise to write everyone that writes me. I think you will enjoy hearing what I have to say. Take a chance on me. =)


Mark Gould #54054-074
La Tuna FCI
PO Box 3000
Anthony, NM 88021

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Listed: 07/31/21


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