Israel Grimaldo #14234-029

Birth Date:
February 1, 1990
Incarcerated Since:
Release Date:
Wants To Write To:
Women only
Sexual Orientation:
Open to Gay/Bisexual Contact:
Will Write Overseas:

Okay, so my name is Israel, I’m 32 years old, I’m an Aquarius. By the way I’m also mixed, mom’s white, dad’s Mexican. I’ve been in incarcerated since 2013, got till 2027 to go, I do not have a problem with telling my story on why I’m incarcerated for whomever is interested in wanting to give a person like me the time of day to which that's all I can ask for, being in my position at this moment, a good conversation in hopes a friendship evolves, I’m open for whatever may or may not come after. Things I like to do to help pass time, I love reading, one of the biggest time passers being in my situation, I’ll read whatever I can get my hands on, another good time passer is working out, it gives me peace of mind you know. Oh and music, love music, I listen to all kinds of music, more so along the lines of hip-hop / rap, but you put music and working out together and yeah I call it my getaway, pop my headphones in and get lost in my own world, tune this place out and all the headache it brings. Really I’m an open book, you ask me anything I’ll have no problem answering. Well I guess I’ll leave it at that for starters, also for whomever is reading and caught the eye of my page I just want to say you can’t judge a book by its cover, the tough guy, bad boy look only comes naturally, give me the time of day and I’ll be able to show you who I am on the inside, like most people I got a heart too, my mistakes and the reason why I’m here does not define the person I am.

At this prison we are only allowed one-sided papers of printed or regular hand written letters. We can't receive front to back.

Israel Grimaldo #14234-029
FCI Manchester
Federal Correctional Institution
P.O. Box 4000
Manchester, KY 40962

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Listed: 06/22/22


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