Buddy Williams #09487-062

Birth Date:
February 15, 1960
Incarcerated Since:
April 2004
Release Date:
April 2038
Convicted Of:
Will discuss
Home Town:
Eucha, OK
190 lbs
Wants To Write To:
Sexual Orientation:
Open to Gay/Bisexual Contact:
Will Write Overseas:

Howdy: I hope y'all have made it through the past year intact and sane. I'm now trying to reconnected with the world. Looking for folks wishing for a friend or good acquaintance. Ones who will speak their mind, and not politically correct. Looking for intelligent conversation, with comedy relief from me. I have been blessed. I am an independent thinker, politically and personally. Financially self-sufficient. I follow logic and question the traditions of men. A student of history, secular and Scriptural Prophecy. Also study the times we are living in today, keeping up on world and local events. Where lies told enough times become truth and truth is considered lies.

I am an outside person hunting, fishing, breaking horse and such. More of a mechanical and technical personality than an emotional, feely type person. Born into 2 different cultures which values vary to different degrees. One based on having things. The other on nature. I have read a great deal of Books in 18 years. Nonfiction and Fiction, and technical ones. Got a MP3 Player last year, almost 900 songs on it now. Not religious, yet I have hope through faith in my creator and savior. I don't judge others because my past is always with me. just don't care for haters.

I hope you have a blessed life after reading this. Y'all take it easy. Bud

"What is Truth” By a politician in 33 ad "Pontius Pilate” (John 18:38A)

Buddy Williams #09487-062
Marion USP
PO Box 1000
Marion, IL 62959

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Listed: 09/24/21


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