Mandrail Woodberry #34123-057

Birth Date:
September 26, 1989
Incarcerated Since:
March 2017
Release Date:
June 2026
Convicted Of:
Gun charge (927g)
Home Town:
East Spencer, NC
164 lbs
Wants To Write To:
Open to Gay/Bisexual Contact:
Will Write Overseas:
Romance, friendship, legal help, donations

(“Let’s build a foundation and" keep it going… who knows where) the journey will take us.

What’s going on world, (ladies) (Mz. Lady)

I would like to introduce myself and let you know what I’m interested in. The government name Mandrail Woodberry (inmate #34123-057), I’m 31 years young, I’m cool, laidback with great manners, I can cook, clean, I love kids and love making music. Music is my passion and the way to my heart. I am currently working on my clothing line and record label. I am looking forward to meeting a good friend, someone who has her life together and has a goal or something that they are trying to accomplish. I am a very loyal, hardworking and caring man. Looking for someone / a female who is understanding. Let me be the answer to all your problems. I’m 5’9”, 164 pounds, dark skin with sideburns, dreadlocks and a lot of tattoos. I love to work out too. If you’re interested in corresponding you can reach me at PO Box 019001, Atwater, CA 95301, USP Water. Race is not an issue, I’m into all women and love making new friends, I prefer Spanish, black, white, it doesn’t matter, let’s me be everything you always wanted and you will be all that I ever need. I hope you love the pics!

Stay safe and picked up. Wash your hands. Love Mandrail

Mandrail Woodberry #34123-057
Atwater USP
PO Box 019001
Atwater, CA 95301

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Listed: 11/11/21


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