Pierre Morgan #B77774

Birth Date:
January 6, 1977
Incarcerated Since:
Janaury 11, 2014
Release Date:
February 20 2024 / June 26, 2026
Convicted Of:
Home invasion, armed robbery
Home Town:
Harvey, IL
African American - black
210 lbs
Wants To Write To:
Sexual Orientation:
Will Write Overseas:
Friendly pen pal

Do you want to be treated with dignity and respect?

Communication is a must if we are to get to know one another, because if we've done our own self inventory then we'll know if someone is qualified to be a part of our life even as a friend… Once we know what our strengths and weaknesses are, then we'll know if a person will amplify our strengths instead of our weaknesses?? We don't want anyone around for all the wrong reasons. I, ask of you to use a little effort to look beyond the surface so that you will know the real me: be careful though, because sometimes we only see what we want to see instead of what's really there… I'll understand if you want to take your time because of the fact of where I am… I guarantee that you'll be a priority instead of an option to a man that has a witted personality and goals… I'm also aware that there are so many things that are against me, and I'm in search of a real friendship to know that someone is for me... I have plenty of time to get to know myself, flaws and all, and to start making better decisions in my life... That's why I've decided to open my mind, heart, and life up to you, and hopefully you can do the same in return...

Pierre Morgan #B77774
East Moline Correctional Center
100 Hillcrest Rd
East Moline, IL 61244

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Listed: 02/07/21


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