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November 21, 1956
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Memphis, TN
220 lbs
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O God of Glory, Maker of humankind,
Everyone needs someone,
The wealthy need the wealthy
And the wise need the wise.

Christians need Christians and all the lost sinners need the sinless Savior.
Likewise, we all need faith, hope, love, food, water, sunlight, and air.
My heart, O God of hope, desires the companionship of kindred spirits.
This hope — filled petition is for the fellowship of true and trusted friends.

Infallible and infinite heavenly Father, I hear
You always heed and also answer, the smallest of steadfast prayers.
This earnest supplication is simple, passionate, and sincere.
My lonesome spirit longs for a tenderhearted companion that cares.

Precious Lord of pure and perfect love, I yearn for a friendly letter.
This fervent prayer is for a compassionate and comforting deed;
An encouraging act of loving-kindness can make the bleak moments better
During the dreadful days of utter loneliness and urgent need.

O God of Genesis, you said, "It is not good that man should be alone."
So I pray for friendships bonded by love at sunrise and sunset
Now each and every lonely day I wonder, dear God of wonderful grace,
When will you respond to these special requests?
When, God, when?

Dear Readers, I've started a new ministry from my stimulus funds: THE BIBLE PROMISE BOOK PROJECT. I purchased 1,000 promise books for young people in 50 youth detention centers. Twenty for one facility in each state across America.

An iron sharpens iron, one friend sharpens another. Your friendship and prayers are needed. You can contact me by email through JPay or send a snail mail letter to my address below.

May God Bless You,

Joe R. Knight #100202

Joe Knight #100202
Lee Adjustment Center
168 Lee Adjustment Center Dr
Beattyville, KY 41311

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