Shawn Noble #276176

Birth Date:
May 12, 1996
Incarcerated Since:
April 16, 2015
Release Date:
November 1, 2022 (parole), April 19, 2028 (min), July 18, 2030 (max)
Convicted Of:
Theft 3, escape
Home Town:
Hazard, KY
175 lbs
Wants To Write To:
Sexual Orientation:
Open to Gay/Bisexual Contact:

Hello, I’m so happy that you took a second to check me out a little better. That means at least I appealed to you at first glance. Now I hope this profile will have you wanting to at least get to know me a little better… I’m 26 years old, white male, my birthday is May 12th which means I’m a Taurus. I’m 5’11” and weigh 175 lbs with a slim physical build, I keep a low cut fade with a light beard and pretty smile. I love all types of art, body art is my most favorite. I do tattoos and have many of my own… I’m a very outdoors person and grew up in a small town so a lot of my hobbies consist with the outdoors, traveling, camping, hiking but my biggest passion is racing, supercross, dirt bikes which one day I hope to pursue... I’m soon to be released (November 1, 2022). I was born in Hazar, Kentucky but plan on relocating upon my release and not sure where to yet but I’m gonna be making a fresh start in life surrounded by new people... With the little time I have left in prison I wanna take this time and opportunity and build a solid foundation whether it’s a friendship, relationship or just a pen pal and see where it leads to. I’m only wanting serious people to reply. Honesty, loyalty and respect plays a big factor in my life and I only ask for it in return. I’m looking for friends with hopes of finding that special someone. I’ve been away from society for some time and would love nothing more than to start my integration into society with that special someone by my side. With that being said I hope you’ve enjoyed what you read and gotten enough of who I am and hopefully it compels you to want to respond and get to know a lot more of who I really am inside and out. I hope life brings you joy and happiness and maybe brings us together. Thank you.

By the way, please write me a handwritten letter back, due to COVID we’re on lockdown. I promise I will write back ASAP.

Shawn Noble #276176
​Little Sandy Correctional Complex
Route 5 Box 1000
Sandy Hook, KY 41171

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Listed: 04/03/22


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