Andrew Isadore #402616

Birth Date:
December 28, 1980
Incarcerated Since:
Convicted Of:
Second degree murder
Home Town:
Baton Rouge, LA
Wants To Write To:
Will Write Overseas:

Let me start this off by expressing exactly how I feel and exactly what I'm interested in because quite frankly I'm not looking for an artificial connection. I'm seeking something genuine and / or authentic. I'm not looking to run game and I'm hoping that whoever replies to this feels the same. First, let me tell you some of my likes. I like to read, write, exercise, play basketball and I love to expand my mind through learning. I like to think and having someone I can connect with on an intellectual level is mandatory. Second, I have a pretty good sense of humor so I need someone who will make me smile as I'll make them smile. Third, I'm a man of consistency! I wake up with the same drive, purpose, goals and ambition every day of my life. I'm striving to be the best person I can be and I'll accept nothing less from the person whom I choose (or chooses me) to spend my time with and my energy on. When I say I'm consistent I mean this: when a mad day comes and emotions are high my love, commitment, promises and determination towards you will remain unmoved in that I will maintain the same level of care, responsibility, respect, honor and loyalty that I began with. Lastly, let me say that I believe that no matter the height or the depth that I'll go, there's someone willing to go there as I well, whatever troubles that stand in our way, I need someone that will face them with me! Will you go there with me? Will you meet me where I'm willing to go! Will you climb a mountain with me! If there's any doubt then please don't respond! However, if I sound like someone worth investing more time, energy and possibly your life on and with then please choose your words truthfully and meaning: and - write.

Andrew Isadore #402616
Lousiana State Penitentiary
General Delivery
Angola, LA 70712

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Listed: 02/07/21


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