Angel Leyva #1038649

Birth Date:
October 18, 1985
Home Town:
Orange County, CA
210 lbs
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Ahoy there!

Thanks for stopping to check me out! My name is Angel, and I am from Southern California. I’m a very playful person who tries to make everything fun. I’m laid back and chill. I am a very fun person to know and be around. I tend to usually have a big smile on my face and love making others laugh. I keep a positive attitude, am always optimistic and don’t take life too seriously.

Music is my greatest passion. I play guitar, bass, and drums. I’m in a band, so that’s my #1 hobby. I work and attend college. I also lift weights and long distance run. I tend to stay busy, but I appreciate my down time and always make time for what’s important. I’m open-minded, honest, and very loyal. I’m a good person who made mistakes while I was young. I’ve learned from them and am moving on, trying to be a better person every day.

I’d like to meet someone who is honest and has a fun vibe. Someone bright, creative, and enthusiastic. A person who is goofy, independent, and real. Someone who won’t hold my past against me but rather will appreciate the man I am today because of it.

I hope I’ve sparked your interest! Drop me a line if you’re up for taking a chance. I look forward to the opportunity of meeting you!

Your friend,

Angel E. Leyva #1038649
Northern Nevada Correctional Center
PO Box 7000
Carson City, NV 89702

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Listed: 08/01/22
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