Anthony Crawford #23007157

Birth Date:
February 2, 1996
Incarcerated Since:
March 15, 2019
Release Date:
September 25, 2021
Convicted Of:
DV / gun charge
Home Town:
Augusta, GA
Black / African American
201 lbs
Wants To Write To:
Women only
Sexual Orientation:
Open to Gay/Bisexual Contact:
Will Write Overseas:
Romance, friendship

Hello my name is Anthony. I am from Augusta, Georgia. I been out here in Oregon for 3 years. It’s cold out here. So I thought long and hard about what to say in this little introduction of myself and realized the only true way to attract attention is not to try and spit game talk myself up act but to be open and honest about who I am, what I believe, and what I’m looking for.

I guess I’ll start off with what my father taught me about being a man, at least my definition. I was taught that the true mark of a man is how he treats other human beings. To be kind, courteous, helpful, and understanding. That no matter what someone looks like or acts like there is goodness in everyone, that there is knowledge they possess in which they can teach me and I believe knowledge is power. Power to persevere against hatred, racism, and ignorance. Power to protect the weak no matter the circumstances, to always show compassion when needed, to not take advantage of when the possibility presents itself. These are just some of the things my father taught me, the things I will someday teach my children, like how important it is to treat women with love and respect and honor equality is also important to me in relationships. Because without equal partner there is no relationship, friendship, or romance. It takes work to cultivate. So if you would like to banter with me or need an intellectual stimulant I’m your man.

That’s all I got now. If I hear back from you, send me your email or your number so I can contact you and build a bond with you. I am also looking for Muslim women I can pray with. I need a prayer partner. Thank you. Hope to hear back from you soon. Stay blessed.

Anthony Crawford #23007157
Shutter Creek Correctional Institution
95200 Shutters Landing Lane
North Bend, OR 97459-0303

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Listed: 12/21/20
Exp.: 09/29/22


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