Jose Diego Garcia #15964096

Birth Date:
November 7, 1991
Incarcerated Since:
May 14, 2015
Release Date:
September 29, 2023
Convicted Of:
Rob two
Home Town:
Hillsboro, OR
320 lbs
Wants To Write To:
Women only
Sexual Orientation:
Open to Gay/Bisexual Contact:
Will Write Overseas:
Friendship, love

I'm a 28 year old from Hillsboro, Oregon, in search of someone to shed a little light on these grey walls and in return I'd be willing to share my desires for the future. I'm single seeking both friendship and / or a romantic relationship with a woman, either an Asian or white woman would be a plus. I'm a very optimistic and happy person with a friendly disposition, I enjoy listening to many types of music, reading manga and watching anime. My favorite foods are Asian and Mexican. I'm one who believes that common interests and familiar grounds are a great place to build an empire for an impeccable friendship. With that being said, also know that I'm down-to-Earth, I'm not the type to play games. I am the type to keep it real. I believe in loyalty and the courage to be yourself no matter what other people think or say. Oh I also don't drink any alcohol or partake in drugs except marijuana. I would like to meet an explorative woman who would take a venture with a trusted man temporarily confined to a land where there are few. I enjoy both the simplicity and complexity of life. If you have the time and patience to wait these years out while getting to know me, and I hope you do, please consider writing me.

Jose Diego Garcia #15964096
2605 State St
Salem, OR 97310

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Listed: 04/12/20
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