Lonniel Jefferson #01917005

Birth Date:
February 8, 1979
Incarcerated Since:
July 30, 2013
Release Date:
January 29, 2026
Convicted Of:
Aggravated assault
Home Town:
Montgomery, TX
180 lbs
Wants To Write To:
Women only
Sexual Orientation:
Open to Gay/Bisexual Contact:
Will Write Overseas:
Romance, friendship

Hi. My name is Lonniel Jefferson but people call me Jeff. My willingness to give you my undivided attention is a pleasure. I am seeking for a friend with some of the same qualities… loyal, supportive, honest, respectful, authentic, multitrack minded, educated, understanding, intelligent, generous, patient, and good sense of humor, because laughter and spontaneity is good for the heart and soul. I’ve learned through my mistakes that experience is the best teacher, so I’m far from being judgmental because nobody is perfect. I strongly believe in showing with action because it shows a lot about my character and what I stand for (mind over matter). Integrity is important when I’m sorting through life to see who’s loyal, but you won’t find it if you don’t know what it looks like – you only recognize it if you look at it to see a reflection of yourself. I enjoy feeding my mind, body and soul on all levels, never put limitations on what the world has to offer. If you are interested in a good friendship, it would be an honor to communicate with you and find out what moves and motivates you on a daily basis. I appreciate your time. Hobbies: draw, poetry, work out, travel, DJ, etc… I’m an all around person… Very outgoing! Occupation: welder

Lonniel Jefferson #01917005
Hodge Unit
PO Box 999
Rusk, TX 75785

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Listed: 12/03/21


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