Nathan Neighbors #01435598


Birth Date:
February 14, 1963
Incarcerated Since:
Release Date:
Any day
Convicted Of:
Home Town:
Fort Worth, TX
Black, Indian
208 lbs
Wants To Write To:
Women Only
Sexual Orientation:
Open to Gay/Bisexual Contact:
Will Write Overseas:
Romance, friendship, legal help, donations, money to help me when I get out

My name is Nathan Darrell Neighbors. I am looking for an amazing woman to get romantic with every day. And a successful woman that's a funny, smart, compassionate, and beautiful that I have a lot in common with. I just got on this website. I'm looking for someone who likes to go out and have a good time.

I was involved in a relationship for 15 years. I have been in prison for a crime I never committed. My civil case led to the criminal case. All of this was behind the major corporations coverup over the decades from the general public. My case is a conspiracy and actual innocence with original court documentations, civil and criminal, where a man can prove decades of conspiracy and actual innocence. When you can prove all of this you should be let go. But my case is so big. I have put together in 15 years the biggest civil conspiracy list ever filed in any court and also the biggest subpoena duces tecum with also the biggest class action lawsuits, 57 of them that I put together for over 15 years of false imprisonment, malicious arrest, false arrest, malicious prosecution, wrongful conviction and I'm still in prison. Decades of coverup and I need a big attorney to win. It took me 15 years to get all of my original court documents. And one of the lawsuits is a racist conspiracy with statement of facts on the major corporations. If I had settled the civil case I would have never gone to prison. Also, I was put in prison to settle the civil case so the general public would never know.

Nathan Neighbors #01435598
Stiles Unit
3060 FM 3514
Beaumont, TX 77705

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Listed: 10/22/22


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