Christopher Solomon #1306430

Birth Date:
January 30, 1980
Incarcerated Since:
September 23, 1997
Convicted Of:
Capital murder / law of parties
Home Town:
Irvine, CA
Filipino / black
158 lbs
Wants To Write To:
Women only
Sexual Orientation:
Open to Gay/Bisexual Contact:
Will Write Overseas:

What's up ladies?! This is my profile written with the express intent to bore you. Try not to fall asleep while reading this. So... my name is Christopher J. Solomon and I'm probably going to be the most awesome, most boring nerd you will ever meet. As you can see, I'm not much to look at and I really don't know how to define myself: Alien, douche, genius, loser, dork, I don't know. . I mean, I think I'm pretty smart. Passed a few IQ tests, but I don't think that means much these days. What else? Oh yeah, wrote two books that can be found somewhere here on the Internet. And... I guess that's pretty much it. Oh right, you probably want to know what's in this for you on the off chance that this profile gives you that giddy feeling and makes you want to write me. Well, to be perfectly honest, nothing's actually in this for you... unless you're looking for someone who can hold their own in conversation with you on various topics; someone who will listen to you, be there for you; help you explore you; someone who can help you discover the 6th and 9th levels of your mind; someone who can take you on a trip to Saturn and back or someone who can give you that feeling of validation and understanding. Something like a friend, maybe more if you want to open that door... Well, that's what's in it for you. And I don't expect much in return except to see you blossom like a rose. That's all. So, if you're still awake after reading this and feel the need to respond, hit me up. I'll be waiting to hear from you.

Christopher Solomon #1306430
Beto Unit
1391 FM 3328
Tennessee Colony, TX 75880

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Listed: 10/03/20


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