• Book 'Em - Mainly serving prisoners from PA, VA, and WV. Will serve large-print readers and Native American Indian prisoners from elsewhere as well. Request by subject. 

  • East Bay Prisoner Support - Sends free anarchist and other literature to prisoners in CA, AZ, NM, TX, UT and NV. Sends zines to queer, trans and women prisoners in any state. Write them to receive a catalog. 

  • Inmate Magazine Service - Provides monthly magazine subscriptions, with certain subscriptions offered at 3 for $5, or 5 for $20. Write for free 3-page list, or have family or friends call or go online to order magazines.  

  • - Company provides single issues and monthly subscriptions for over 1200 different magazines. Send $3, or ten 49-cent or Forever stamps for their full 56-page catalog. With it you'll receive a $3 coupon good for $3 off your first order. Orders may also be called in or placed online by family or friends, who can also establish deposit accounts for prisoners who may then directly submit orders by mail. 

  • Prison Legal News - Prison Legal News (PLN) is a monthly journal covering prison-related news, summaries of recent case-law decisions affecting prisoners, and analysis from across the country.  A one-year subscription is $30 for prisoners, $35 for individuals and $90 for lawyers and institutions. For a specific back issue or a copy of the current issue send $5, or ten 49-cent or Forever stamps. PLN also sells many books related to prison issues; write for a copy of their book list. 

  • South Chicago ABC Zine Distro - Offers a wide variety of political zines at low cost to prisoners. Specializes in helping get the truth out of the gulags, in zine form. Supports prisoner initiatives such as prison labor unions. Also offers zines for women prisoners. English only. 

  • Student Insurgent - Student Insurgent is a quarterly magazine (Fall/Winter/Spring only) dedicated to providing a free and truthful forum for students to express themselves.  Sent free of charge to all incarcerated persons, from whom the Student Insurgent wants to hear and welcomes submissions of writing, poetry, and art.  

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