• Prison Program at Buddhist Peace Fellowship - The Buddhist Peace Fellowship Prison Project provides ministry to help prisoners develop skills to meet everyday violence in prison. Also has training for inmate meditation programs, a Community Correspondence Program, and an Advocacy and Education network.

  • SYDA Foundation Yoga Prison Project - SYDA Foundation Siddha Yoga Meditation Prison Project The Prison Project is dedicated to disseminating the Siddha Yoga teachings and practices to incarcerated individuals. Sends free monthly newsletter and Home Study Course to prisoners. Siddha Yoga teaches that within each of us, behind the mind, body, and ego, is a divine power called the Self. We meditate to harmonize our actions, thoughts and words with this power. Over 5,000 students in 1500 prisons are currently enrolled. Also available in Spanish. Email: Website: Write to: Prison Project P.O. Box 99140 Emeryville, CA. 94662 (510) 893-4648  

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