• Edwin Gould Services for Children - The IMP is a specially designed preventive program that addresses the unique needs of mothers parenting their children from prison in New York. The main goal of the IMP is to prevent foster care placement by assisting women and their children during and after the time of arrest; court; jail; and as they return to the community. IMP provides advocacy, foster care prevention, counseling, and vocational training, and also prison-based parenting groups to serve fathers.

  • Fortune Society - Prisoners re-entry advocacy and support for prisoners in NY.

  • North Carolina Prisoner Legal Services - NCPLS provides legal assistance to inmates in the North Carolina Department of Correction ranging from advice about prisoner's legal rights to representation in litigation in state and federal court. Cases are accepted based on referrals from attorneys as well as direct requests from inmates or individuals acting on behalf of inmates incapable of requesting legal assistance. The organization is divided into three teams of attorneys and paralegals: Post-Conviction, Civil, and Support Services.

  • Project Return - Project Return equips former offenders with the education, coaching, and support services necessary to gain employment and begin a new life. Pre-Release Program: Project Return conducts pre-release programs in correctional facilities to prepare inmates for their release dates. Through these programs, participants learn about Project Return's services and begin job readiness training. Reentry Program: Project Return conducts a 3-day training every week that prepares prisoners to return to their communities.

  • Supportive Housing and Innovative Partnerships - Clean and sober housing, therapeutic community program, alternative to sentencing, life skills program, drop-in recovery center.  Programs are only available in Boise Idaho.

  • Sylvia Rivera Law Project - Provides free legal services to released prisoners who are transgender, intersex, gender nonconforming people who are low-income, and/or people of color. We specialize in providing assistance on name changes, identity documents, public benefits, immigration, shelter and more. Available only in NY and surrounding areas.

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