• ABC South Chicago Zine Distro - Offers a wide variety of political zines at low cost to prisoners. Specializes in helping get the truth out of the gulags, in zine form. Supports prisoner initiatives such as prisoner labor unions. Offers zines for women prisoners. Sorry, available in english only.

  • Families Against Mandatory Minimums (FAMM) - Chapters in almost 30 states. Write for newsletter and list of publications, including info on Booker and Fanfan decisions. Also provides amicus briefs.

  • The Fortune Society - The Fortune Society is a not-for-profit organization dedicated to educating the public about prisons, criminal justice issues and the root causes of crime. They also help ex-offenders and at-risk youth break the cycle of crime and incarceration through a broad range of services. Also publishes the Fortune News, which is free to prisoners.

  • Freebird Publishers - Freebird Publishers - Publisher of Inmate Shopper & More</a> - Freebird Publishers Publications include: Inmate Shopper - The largest most up to date prison publication, The Best 500 - A book of non profit pro and more.

  • Friends Committee on Legislation of California - Quaker founded group that advocates and lobbies for CA state laws that are just, compassionate, and respectful of the inherent worth of every person. They publish a free quarterly periodical, the FCLCA Newsletter, which keeps track of pending legislation.

  • Legal Action Center (New York) - The Legal Action Center's mission is to assist New York state residents to fight discrimination against those with histories of addiction, HIV/AIDS, or criminal records, and to advocate for sound public policies in these areas. Write for list of free publications.

  • Legal Services for Prisoners with Children - LSPC publishes manuals, reports, fact sheets and pamphlets for CA prisoners in the following areas: Family Matters (guardianship, visitation, pregnancy, domestic violence); Reentry Services; Prison Conditions (isolation and other). They also publish A Manual on SSI/SSDI for Prisoners and Their Advocates.

  • New York State Prisoner Justice Coalition - Publishes the New York State Prisoner Justice Network Directory, a free 16 page directory of New York justice and prisoner support organizations.

  • Pennsylvania Institutional Law Project - The Pennsylvania Institutional Law Project (PILP) seeks to deliver civil legal services to the institutional population in Pennsylvania. PILP was created and designed to meet the needs of low income residents of Pennsylvania prisons, jails, hospitals, and state centers.  

  • Prison Fellowship - Prison Fellowship partners with local churches across the country to minister to prisoners, ex-prisoners, and their families. Publishes a variety of prisoner support literature including the Prison Survival Guide.

  • Prison Law Office - The Prison law Office litigates and monitors class action lawsuits regarding medical care, mental health care, and disabled access for prisoners in California only. Also distributes self-help legal material on a number of topics. Write for list of available publications.

  • Prison Legal News - Prison Legal News (PLN) is a monthly journal covering prison-related news, summaries of recent case-law decisions affecting prisoners, and analysis from across the country.  A one-year subscription is $30 for prisoners, $35 for individuals and $90 for lawyers and institutions. For a specific back issue or a copy of the current issue send $5, or ten 50-cent or Forever stamps. PLN also sells many books related to prison issues; write for a copy of their book list.

  • SYDA Foundation Yoga Prison Project - SYDA Foundation Siddha Yoga Meditation Prison Project The Prison Project is dedicated to disseminating the Siddha Yoga teachings and practices to incarcerated individuals. Sends free monthly newsletter and Home Study Course to prisoners. Siddha Yoga teaches that within each of us, behind the mind, body, and ego, is a divine power called the Self. We meditate to harmonize our actions, thoughts and words with this power. Over 5,000 students in 1500 prisons are currently enrolled. Also available in Spanish. Email: Website: Write to: Prison Project P.O. Box 99140 Emeryville, CA. 94662 (510) 893-4648

  • Unchained Books - Unchained Books is a small group in Fort Collins, Colorado committed to prisoner support. Our primary focus is collecting donated books and making them available free to people imprisoned in Colorado. In addition to our book project, we also write letters to political prisoners and work on periodic individual prisoner support in the form of fundraising, outreach, and building community awareness about specific legal struggles. Below is a list of prisons in Colorado that currently accept books sent to inmates from Unchained Books: Colorado Territorial Correctional Facility (state); Crowley County Correctional Facility (private); Federal Correctional Institution at Florence (federal); Federal Correctional Institution at Englewood (federal); High Plains Correctional Facility (state); Kit Carson Correctional Center (private); La Vista Correctional Facility (state); Rifle Correctional Center (state); and San Carlos Correctional Facility (state).

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