• Alcoholics Anonymous - Free information and brochures, meetings in most communities.

  • Alcoholics Anonymous General Service Office - Free information, local phone lines, meetings in most communities.

  • Association for the Treatment of Sexual Abusers - Newsletter for members only. Provides treatment referrals. 

  • Citizens Against Recidivism, Inc. Citizens Against Recidivism, Inc. was founded in 1992 initially to address the needs of family members who had incarcerated loved ones.

  • Columbia Legal Services, Institutions Project - The Institutions Project represents people confined in Washington's jails, prisons, juvenile detention facilities, mental health facilities, and facilities for people with developmental disabilities. This work has focused on conditions of confinement, discrimination, sentencing and placement, alternatives to institutionalization, and access to courts, as well as issues related to rehabilitation, re-entry, and reductions in recidivism.

  • The Insight Prison Project - The Insight Prison Project (IPP) has been on a mission to foster insight and lasting behavioral change by prisoners in California correctional systems, by providing them with rehabilitative tools and programs conducted by crime victims, community volunteers and prisoners themselves. Today, IPP provides services to prisoners and parolees in 12 California prisons, 3 county jail facilities, several re-entry programs and other venues. Communication training in nonviolence in correctional facilities; expanding to include post-release training.

  • Narcotics Anonymous - NA publishes a wide variety of materials concerning narcotics addiction and recovery, some of which are expressly produced for individuals who are currently incarcerated (e.g. Behind the Walls).

  • Pathfinders of Oregon - Pathfinders is a social service agency founded in 1993 to operate cognitive restructuring programs for the Oregon Department of Corrections. Helps criminal justice-involved adults and at-risk youth to avoid entering, or re-entering, the corrections system. FOR OREGON PRISONERS ONLY. 

  • Prison Dharma Network - Mission is to provide prisoners, and those who work with them, with the most effective contemplative tools for self-transformation and rehabilitation. Provides books and educational materials.

  • Prison Writing Program - Founded in 1971, the PEN Prison Writing Program believes in the restorative, rehabilitative power of writing and provides hundreds of inmates across the country with skilled writing teachers and audiences for their work. It provides a place for inmates to express themselves freely and encourages the use of the written word as a legitimate form of power. PEN's Prison Writing Program sponsors an annual writing contest, publishes a free "Handbook for Writers In Prison," provides one-on-one mentoring to inmates, conducts workshops, and seeks to promote inmates' work publicly through literary publications and readings.

  • Sex Abuse Treatment Alliance - Info, resources, contacts, and support to individuals, families, defense attorneys, treatment providers, and professionals who work with issues of sexual abuse and its prevention.

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