Residential Programs

  • Correctional Library Services - Correctional Services publishes Connections (268 pages, 2014), an annual guide and directory of resources in New York City available to help people when they are leaving correctional facilities. Connections also serves as a guide on preparing for the world of work, and is the most exhaustive re-entry guidebook in New York City. The booklet is free to those incarcerated in New York State prisons and local jails.

  • International Community Corrections Association (ICCA) - Publishes the ICCA Journal on Community Corrections, as well as various newsletters. Also puts out a directory of residential programs every 3-4 years. Provides limited referrals.   

  • Sylvia Rivera Law Project - Provides free legal services to released prisoners who are transgender, intersex, gender nonconforming people who are low-income, and/or people of color. We specialize in providing assistance on name changes, identity documents, public benefits, immigration, shelter and more. Available only in NY and surrounding areas.

  • Women's Prison Association (New York) - WPA offers a range of services aimed at helping women in the New York City area. Their direct service network is organized in three broad areas; Residential and Family Services; Reentry Services; and neighborhood-based services. Within these program areas, WPA offers Alternatives to Incarceration, Family Reunification Assistance and Family Support Services, Reentry Case Management, Assistance and Support, and Jail- and Prison-Based Education and Pre-Release Services.

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