• AK Press - AK Press publishes and distributes a wide variety of radical literature and audio, many directly relating to prisoner and policing issues. Certain titles are written by prisoners themselves. Offers prisoners a 30% discount on any/all purchases. Distributes some Spanish language titles but do not have a Spanish language catalog.

  • American Bible Society - Free bibles including large print and study guides. They can arrange with a chaplain to have books sent if necessary. Will send books in Spanish upon request.

  • Asheville Prison Books Programs - Sends free reading material to indigent inmates in facilities in North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia and Tennessee. Also sends National Prisoners Resource List to those who request it. Can sometimes provide books in Spanish. Donations gladly accepted!

  • Human Kindness Foundation: Prison Ashram Project - Sends free interfaith spiritual books in English or Spanish to prisoners, prison workers, and others who cannot afford them. Books by Bo Lozoff.

  • Middle Ground Prison Reform - Working for Arizona's prisoners and their families since 1983. Main areas of activity are: 1) public education about the need for criminal justice reform 2) legislative advocacy on behalf of prisoners and their visitors 3) litigation to protect and define the rights and responsibilities of prisoners and their supporters 4) referral to community resources for ex-offenders. Spanish-speaking volunteers available.

  • Publicaciones Legales en Espanol, Inc. - Publications in English/Spanish and Spanish only. 

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