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prison pen pals in category "Life Sentence"

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1. Alfred Cardona #32076-179 [Federal] [Life Sentence] [Will Write Overseas]
In: Colorado
Alfred Cardona #32076-179 Birth Date: August 3, 1978 Incarcerated Since: May 2014 Release Date: Life Convicted Of: VCAR (Violent Crimes in the Aid...
30 May 2022
2. James Rose #10820-007 [Federal] [Life Sentence] [Will Write Overseas]
In: Colorado
James Rose #10820-007 Birth Date: December 11, 1972 Incarcerated Since: 2007 Release Date: September 27, 2088 Convicted Of: Hobbs Act Home Town: W...
14 Jan 2022
3. Jose Ocampo #100371 [Life Sentence] [Will Write Overseas]
In: Colorado
Jose Ocampo #100371 Birth Date: September 17, 1978 Incarcerated Since: May 4, 2016 Release Date: Life no parole Convicted Of: Homicide Home Town: ...
10 Mar 2022
4. Cynthia Gonzales #96608 [Gay/Bisexual] [Female] [Life Sentence] [Will Write Overseas]
In: Colorado
Cynthia Gonzales #96608 Birth Date: April 5, 1978 Incarcerated Since: February 1997 Release Date: Life without parole Convicted Of: Felony murder ...
20 Jan 2022
5. Gabriel Flores #135453 [Ads Without Responses] [Life Sentence]
In: Colorado
Gabriel Flores #135453 Birth Date: November 1, 1973 Incarcerated Since: January 2017 Release Date: None Convicted Of: Discuss Home Town: Denver, C...
22 Nov 2021
6. Ryan Barry #144197 [Life Sentence] [Will Write Overseas]
In: Colorado
Here Without You Birth Date: January 1, 1981 Home Town: Fair Oaks, CA Ethnicity: Irish, Sicilian Height: 5'10" Weight: 190 lbs Wants To Write To: ...
30 Jun 2022

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