Female Inmates

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Do not attempt to put prisoners you know in touch with prisoners on this site! This represents inmate-to-inmate contact and it is prohibited in most institutions. It also represents an attempt for a prisoner to benefit from our service without paying for it. These messages are deleted so please do not waste your time sending them. If you know of a prisoner who wants to receive penpals through our service request a brochure or sign them up online to get them started receiving mail.

TIP: Writing directly (not emailing) is the best way to connect with female prisoners. Most female prisoners are already getting about 10x the amount of mail that male prisoners get. Your chances of hearing back from her are much greater if you send a letter by regular mail.

"To remember who you are, you need to forget who they told you to be...every day I remember who I am and push the thought of who this place wants me to be out of my mind."
- Traci Hadden, Idaho inmate

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