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What we do here

Publish profiles of inmates in jails and state and federal prisons in the United States
Add new and updated inmate profiles nearly daily
Provide physical mailing addresses on all prisoner profiles at no charge to you
Forward emails to prisoners listed on our site at no charge to you
Provide personal email addresses (such as inmate@conpals.com) for prison inmates

What you can do here

Search prison inmate profiles with Basic & Advanced Search Engine
Search for inmates on our site by age, location, ethnicity, religion, release date, and more
Search for inmates on our site using our website's blog
Email inmates on our site for free
Send unlimited emails to some inmates on our site for free
Write directly to any inmate on our site for free
Offer friendship, love and support to an inmate
Make a friend for yourself
Enjoy a totally unique experience through correspondence with an inmate
Provide legal assistance to an inmate
Reduce recidivism
Make a huge difference in someone's life
List an inmate on our site
Purchase a personal email address (such as inmate@conpals.com) for an inmate
Join the online chat room
Search for prison and jail facilities in the United States
Search for any jail or prison inmate in the United States

Why you should use our service

88% response rate over past 3+ years! Does not include letters sent directly by regular mail!
Over 1000+ visitors and 20,000+ visits to the website per day on average
75,000+ hits to the website per day on average
A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau
Rated 10 by Inmate Shopper magazine
Outstanding customer service
All email messages downloaded and forwarded all year, at no extra charge
Corrlinks email forwarding available for federal prisoners
Personal email address available (inmate@conpals.com)
Complimentary photo retouching & enhancement
How-to brochure available to help write a better ad
Featured placement available
Every page placement available
Webpage statistics (hit counter) provided at no extra charge
Linked Photo Rotation available
URL Submission available
Discount renewal incentives
Advanced Search Engine for age, location, birthdays, and much more!
Photo in all directories (not just text link)
Prisoner Blogs
Webpages Published in under 7 days
Money transfers accepted for federal prisoners
PayPal accepted
Credit cards accepted (VISA/MC/Amex/Discover)
Stamps accepted as payment from prisoners
Menu bar on all pages for easy site navigation
Customer receives 2 months free on the site for each referral
Webpage archival for easy reinstatement
8,175+ member chat room

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