Write A Prisoner through CONPALS!

by Regular Mail

The fastest and surest way to make contact with a prisoner is to write to them directly, by regular mail. For this purpose all inmate prison addresses are provided at the end of each ad.

Writing directly really is the best way. Your letter will usually arrive more quickly and has less chance of being refused by the prison mailroom in some states (we experience difficulty forwarding email messages). Also, most inmates would prefer a handwritten letter over an email.

by Email Forwarding

If you see a form on the inmate's page when you scroll down, you can fill out that form and send an email message to the inmate that we will then download and forward for you the following Monday. For prisoners who have the Basic webpage, we will only forward the first email message from you to any prisoner and prisoners cannot email you back; any correspondence thereafter between you and that prisoner must be by regular mail.

Remember: Most prisoners do not have access to the Internet and cannot email you! You must provide a complete return mailing address (snail mail address that includes street address or po box and city, state, and zip code) when writing or sending email messages. Any messages that do not contain a complete return mailing address will be deleted.

Some federal prisoners have access to Corrlinks, J-Pay, AccessCorrections, and GettingOutSoon, and can communicate with you by email through these systems. See instructions for using Corrlinks

Do not attempt to put prisoners you know in touch with prisoners on this site! This represents inmate-to-inmate contact and it is prohibited in most institutions. It also represents an attempt for a prisoner to benefit from our service without paying for it. This is unethical and strictly prohibited. These messages are caught and deleted so please do not waste your time sending them. If you know of a prisoner who wants to receive penpals through our service request a brochure or sign them up online to get them started receiving mail.

If you are gay/bisexual/transgender, you are welcome to write to any prisoners on the sites whose ads indicate that they are open to that kind of contact. Please review their ad first to make sure that they are.

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