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November 19, 1971
175 lbs
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250 words only?! My birth certificate shows Stanly. No e. I've done a lot of research both past and present and have yet to find another Stanly, no e. Make sense cause the people I've met? Love me, hate me, or indifferent they can all agree on one thing. I'm definitely one of a kind.

Since the age of 13 I've worked lettuce, chicken, egg and dairy farms, CNA, lab, asbestos abatement, security, commercial fisherman, all phases of construction, was even a stripper for about a year. Through it all I was a criminal.

The key to happiness for me was simple. Obtain what I want or quit wanting it. The more I learned the easier it became to obtain things I wanted. Learning how to quit wanting was tough, but it's a skill I've finally mastered. Truth be told, though, it's not a skill I use much anymore. I almost always get what I want.

This 5-year sentence is one of the biggest mistakes of my life. I learn best from my mistakes. I wouldn't trade my life for anything. There comes a time though when things must change. As much fun and as great as my life has been I have no doubts the best is yet to come. That is why I am writing these words now. Step one to amazing. I need to meet some new people outside of this environment I have put myself. Because what I want to obtain most in life now is...

ASP Florence West
PO Box 1599
Florence, AZ 85132

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Listed: 11/22/22


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