Derek Chappell #223626


Birth Date:
July 23, 1982
Incarcerated Since:
November 2007
Release Date:
Convicted Of:
1st degree murder
Home Town:
Mesa, AZ
230 lbs
Wants To Write To:
Sexual Orientation:
Open to Gay/Bisexual Contact:
Will Write Overseas:

My name is Derek Chappel and I’m 40 years old. I’ve been on Arizona’s death row since 2007. While it feels like much longer, I keep a positive mindset with hopes of getting off death row someday. Death row was recently moved from lockdown to an open unit. I’m now able to leave my room and have a normal life outside my cell.

I’m in prison but I don’t let this define me. Every day I try to make a positive impact in someone’s life. I’m also a single dad to my daughter, and I’ve remained an active part of her life. My daughter visits me often and we talk on the phone a lot. I also have a very loving family which I’m so thankful for. With having a supportive family I want future pen friends to know I will NOT ask for money. I’m not looking for a pen friend to get money, but rather to build a genuine friendship.

I like watching movies, listening to music, and reading. I also have hobbies like making stuffed animals and making crafts out of string. I’m pretty athletic so out at recreation I stay active. Plus being 6’4” helps when playing basketball and volleyball. I also love running and working out at recreation.

The prison allows me to have tablets, so I can receive e-mails. Just go to a company Securus at and find me on there. You can also write me a regular letter and I can better explain how my e-mail system works. I’m okay with letters or emails, so whichever you prefer we will do.

If you’re looking for a person committed to writing and is there for you, then that’s me. I’ll be reliable and I’ll always write back. We can talk about anything and everything so any topic is okay. I know this is a brief description of myself so feel free to ask anything. Also please tell me about yourself. Finally, I promise to ALWAYS treat you with the respect you deserve. I’ll be a person who appreciates you and won’t take you for granted. You can talk to me and know I’m listening and I care. I’ll be looking forward to receiving your letter soon. Until then, have a great day.

Derek Chappell #223626
ASPC-E Rynning D/Row
PO Box 3100
Florence, AZ 85132

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Listed: 07/16/23


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