Ryan Sinclair #579068

Birth Date:
December 5, 1984
Incarcerated Since:
November 17, 2006
Release Date:
August 14, 2024
Convicted Of:
Murder 2nd Degree
Home Town:
Bronx, NY
240 lbs
Wants To Write To:
Women Only
Sexual Orientation:
Open to Gay/Bisexual Contact:
Will Write Overseas:
Romance, Friendship, Donations

Hey! What's up to all my listeners? This is my introduction. My name is Ryan Dwayne Sinclair. Dwayne would and should have been my first name if my mother had her way. But my father insisted on my first name being one easy to spell. I like the name Dwayne better. That's why I mention that. Moving on, I come from a loving home. In my early years, my mother and father were together up until the age of 7. So I know what romance looks like and what it means to be romantic. I also have a nice sized family that you will be a major part of if it comes to be.

Well let me tell you a little about myself. I'm a 38 year-old, 5'10", 240 lbs black male, bald and stocky, with a scar on the left side of my face and a dimple on the right. Even though I don't have a recent photo of myself at the moment. Once we get together you will see that I'm easy on the eyes. I was born in Kingston, Jamaica and raised in Bronx, NY. I have lived in Stone Mountain, Georgia, Lake Worth, Florida, Sierra Vista, Arizona, and both New Castle and Dover, Delaware in which I've been incarcerated for the last 16 years of my life. Let me tell you a little about myself. Let me tell you about some of my likes/interests. My four main interests are food, working out, sex, and traveling. First, I like to cook but enjoy eating more. So if you're a great cook it will be appreciated and won't go unnoticed, with all kinds of cuisine accepted. Second, I like to work out or exercise not only to stay fit or healthy but to look good, too. And when you look good you tend to feel good, too. That also can help you in other parts of life. Like my third interest, "sex." To be sexy is a great part of sex. And like most males or people "I like sex" in the most forms and fashions there are. But later about all that. My favorite interest is traveling. I have traveled a little throughout my life. All throughout the United States, Mexico, Puerto Rico, and of course Jamaica. But nowhere in the Eastern Hemisphere, which my heart desires. I would love to go on a big shopping spree over there one day. As for now, I have a year and a half left on a 20-year sentence for Murder 2nd.

In conclusion, if you choose to let us get to know each other then that's definitely "what's up." And if you don't I still wish you the best in life. But I look forward to hearing from you real soon. Thanks!!!

Ryan Sinclair

Ryan Sinclair #579068
Delaware DOC - 1
PO Box 96777
Las Vegas, NV 89193

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