Friend Indeed

Birth Date:
August 21, 1985
Incarcerated Since:
Release Date:
Convicted Of:
Burglary, retaliation
Home Town:
Portsmouth, OH
180 lbs
Wants To Write To:
Sexual Orientation:
Open to Gay/Bisexual Contact:
Will Write Overseas:

Hello! My name is Zach, it’s a pleasure to hopefully meet you. I’m doing this in search of true friendship, someone I can befriend, tell anything to and be me, myself, without judgment. I’ve been here since 2009, it’s taught me a lot about myself and made me the great, proud, happy man I am today. I am a man who loves to learn new things but also build foundations, it takes inner strengths one day at a time. I’m a man who stands on his own two feet, I don’t play games. Ever! I’m a reliable, honest and loyal person. I believe in family, honesty and loyalty above all else in life. I love to laugh and have fun but also be serious and a gentleman. I feel there’s a time and place for both. I am a man who honors his words with actions, I feel if a person cannot they don’t belong in my circle. So let me tell you some of my enjoyments. I love to draw and shoot tattoos. I also love music, I listen to it all but prefer metal, R&B and country) I love reading (true-crime, LGBTQ history, occult, history, biography, self-help) I truly love the outdoors and nature (camping, hiking, fishing etc.) I love going to concerts, festivals, music festivals, also enjoy exercising, staying fit. I just enjoy and love life.

I know I’ve made not so smart choices but I’ve learned from them and will use them as a great future. I just ask look past where I am, get to know the man, not the prisoner. I’m a strong, ambitious, vibrant, positive person who wants to meet mature friends I can share dreams, goals and thoughts with, make smile and bring joy to their world if only for a minute and everyone needs to smile. Life’s precious and wonderful there’s, always light at the end of darkness. Well I hope to hear from you.



P.S. I am in solitary at this moment due to my filing for my civil human rights. If you JPay please add reply stamp so I can respond or add snail mail address.

Zachary Barfield #A607507
PO Box 80033
2001 E Central Ave
Toledo, OH 43608

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Listed: 10/24/21


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