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prison pen pals in category "Gay/Bisexual"

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1. Jennifer Rose #E23852 [Gay/Bisexual] [Female] [Life Sentence] [Will Write Overseas]
In: California
Jennifer Rose #E23852 Birth Date: October 6, 1969 Incarcerated Since: 1990 Convicted Of: Possesion of weapon, assault, battery Home Town: Huntingt...
25 Apr 2021
2. Ashleigh Smith #WF5337 [Gay/Bisexual] [Female] [Life Sentence] [Will Write Overseas]
In: California
Fun-Size Diva Birth Date: January 8, 1987 Incarcerated Since: 2014 Release Date: 2030 Convicted Of: 2nd degree murder Home Town: Sacramento, CA Et...
5 Jun 2021
3. Ebony Standifer #20032-111 [Gay/Bisexual] [Female] [Federal] [Will Write Overseas]
In: California
Ebony Renee Birth Date: February 14, 1987 Incarcerated Since: 2016 Release Date: July 28, 2023 Convicted Of: Aggravated identity theft, tax fraud ...
19 Dec 2021
4. Fabian Parker #AV8247 [Gay/Bisexual] [Will Write Overseas]
In: California
Fabian Parker #AV8247 Birth Date: June 3, 1994 Incarcerated Since: April 2014 Release Date: March 2031 Convicted Of: Armed robbery Home Town: Watt...
27 Jan 2022
5. TaDonna Menifield #WF6219 [Gay/Bisexual] [Female] [Will Write Overseas]
In: California
TaDonna Menifield #WF6219 Birth Date: September 15, 1986 Incarcerated Since: 2016 Release Date: May 14, 2026 Convicted Of: Child endangerment Home...
5 Dec 2021
6. Heather D'Aoust #WA4003 [Gay/Bisexual] [Female] [Life Sentence] [Art & Business]
In: California
VIRTUAL LOVERS IND. Birth Date: July 8, 1993 Incarcerated Since: 2008 Release Date: February 2023 Convicted Of: Murder 2 Home Town: San Diego, CA ...
4 Feb 2021
7. Crystal Leyba #WF9058 [Gay/Bisexual] [Female] [Federal] [Will Write Overseas]
In: California
BBW Native Birth Date: August 23, 1988 Incarcerated Since: 2017 Release Date: 2026 Convicted Of: Carjacking, robbery Home Town: Fresno, CA Ethnici...
24 Apr 2021
8. Juan Calderon #H75038 [Gay/Bisexual] [Legal Ad] [Will Write Overseas]
In: California
Juan Calderon #H75038 Birth Date: January 8, 1972 Incarcerated Since: 1990 Release Date: Sooner than later Convicted Of: Manslaugter Home Town: Sa...
18 Aug 2021

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