Antoine L. Pittman


Birth Date:
October 23, 1976
Incarcerated Since:
1995 January
Release Date:
Still Try'n *Lifer*
Convicted Of:
"Telling someone to shoot"
Home Town:
San Diego, CA
High Yellow Indian & Black
"A Servant of The Most High"
228 lbs
Wants To Write To:
Sexual Orientation:
Open to Gay/Bisexual Contact:
Yes "As Friends!"
Will Write Overseas:

Hello? Thank you for the opportunity and blessing of meeting you. I honor and respect a friendship as if it was priceless among the best of jewels. I don't take people's time for granted, it's appreciated. All with a righteous heart are welcome to write. And I will give you beautiful words allowing you to see the garden; the path hosts trees without leaves. As if fall was the only season to visit. Ropes and chains incarcerate me in servitude. I walk in correction for my past, and use God's light to illuminate and facilitate my blind spots, it allowed me to see my reflection as I became clean by the rain sent by the Most High God. I became worthy of your hand in friendship, worthy of your trust in words; a man you will be pleased to know. Whatever problems shadow you through bright days and dark nights. I come as a blessing, as a song after the rain. I listen when you speak, and bring knowledge like water to fall over the garden where the beauty of you remain. I am the servant.

Antoine L. Pittman #J95909
R.J. Donovan Correctional
C14 - 231
480 Alta Road
San Diego, CA 92179

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Listed: 03/11/23


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